Sunday, April 25, 2010


lugawThe trek to Taal's crater lake was lengthy and arduous, but rewarding nonetheless. After a couple of day's rest, my muscles regained their strength and the burnt skin and ruptured vessels of my feet were beginning to heal.

Lugaw, or rice porridge or gruel, was our main form of nourishment during these days of recovery, as we were still too wiped out to take on the daily tasks of visiting the wet market and cooking for ourselves. The lugaw we would just purchase from the street corner and eat at home with boiled egg, flavoring it with a squeeze of fresh kalamansi (musk lime). Not the most nutrient-dense meal, but it filled the belly and tasted pretty good too, especially when still warm.

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Virgilio Jr said...

naks boss!hehe lugaw aside, pwede po talaga kayo sumali sa mga reality shows (eg. survivor, pbb) kasi sigurado mapapansin kayo dahil una sa tisoy features niyo plus matatas pa kayo sa wikang atin tas marami na kayo travel experiences..pero sa tingin mas mapapansin nila yung passion mo being a trueblooded pinoy lalo na yung vision mo para sa bansa natin at lahat ng mga impressions and views mo towards politics, religion at yung filipino society instead..basta try niyo boss, you really have the potential!

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