Sunday, April 25, 2010


The posts you are seeing now (e.g. Taal Trek & Lugaw) have a bit of a delay. What I mean is, these events probably occurred 2 and a half weeks ago. If you read the Taal post in its entirety, then you likely read the note about my camera. If you didn't catch the note, basically the camera is dead. I need to purchase a new one to keep the posts coming. There is a backlog of probably 6 more posts, but after that there will be none left unless I am able to purchase a camera soon. If you have enjoyed the years of adventures this blog has produced, please consider pitching in to keep the adventures alive. Thanks.

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Von_Draye said...

Hey coconuter, there are loooooooooooots of available apartments, try
where EXACTLY in Manila?

won't be able to email you tho, email access not allowed here.
(blogpsot is ok!)

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