Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tainted Manila Bay

manila bayWe are born simple and pure. We are born with simple features and pure minds. We are born with simple needs and with pure thoughts. Yet, as time passes, we grow older and things change. Just as our bodies become more complicated, so does our life situations become more convoluted, our relationships more intricate, and our psyche much more complex.

My childhood days are gone, but I have come to harbor a strong appreciation for those times. I would just play games, simple games--games that were fun, healthy, and inconsequential. I would just run, carefree. I slept, and I slept soundly--with no fear or worry of tomorrow. I was ignorant, and it really was bliss.

Staring out into the ocean, 'Perhaps Manila and its bay share the same fate,' I thought. With age, it is now only a figment of the fertile land and clean water that it used to be. The land is now layered with garbage and soot, and Manila bay filmed with multicolored swirls of carbon fuel. I waded in it and smelled the water, before shortly deciding to just sit on the rocks. I stared and watched the sun set, which is perhaps one of the few things that hasn't changed.


Nash said...

I used to watch the sunset at Manila Bay years ago... long before those "rediculous" lamposts along Roxas Boulevard were erected. It always get a renewed feeling after watching the fiery hue fade into the horizon. I long to visit Manila Bay one of these days and experience that serene moment once again. I only hope that the rubbish will not spoil the visit. :) Hats off to you for braving the murky waters of what was once a pristine spot in Manila.

Anonymous said...

you are brave for trying to drink the water from the Bay... but i love how you are so nationalistic and how much you care for the Philippines

Coconuter said...

Actually, I did not drink the water. I just smelled it but ended up getting a little on my lip, so I wiped off the water on my shoulder. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good to know, i thought you took a sip from The Bay

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