Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fusion Excel (Quantum Pendant) Going to Sue Coconuter?

fusion excel quantum pendantI just received this in my e-mail inbox. Apparently, Fusion Excel is going to sue me. It is in relation to the post I did on Fusion Excel's Quantum Pendant SCAM a few weeks back.


FROM: Anatalio Gregorio Coching ''
TO: David Poarch ''
CC: Mr.Jeremy Looi '',
Atty.Irvin Fabella '',
Atty. Romelee Padayhag '',
Gloria Deleon Cuaresma '',
Benjie Cuaresma ''
date Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 9:24 PM
subject RE: Your BLOG

Mr.David Poarch,

This is to inform you that your blog was done with malice and in a very bad taste. You just violated our rights of privacy.Though you just expressed your own opinions, you posted some photos without our knowledge and consent.WE WANT OUR PICTURES TO BE DELETED WITHIN 72 HOURS UPON RECEIPT OF THIS EMAIL.Otherwise, we will be compelled to institute any legal action against you within the courts of the Philippines and with the help of our legal counsels.Hopefully,you will take this matter VERY SERIOUSLY.



Anonymous said...

GRABE naman sila! Ipaglaban mo yan Dave. Lahat kami ay nakasuporta sayo!

magdalo said...

Wow... if they push through with this, let us know David. We will spread this even further in the news media. In the battle against corruption, we've got your back.

Anonymous said...

tama!!! Well support you. Kakalat pa namin lalo kalokohan nila.

Jepoi said...

What are they hiding? I guess the entire blogging community will be at your back! ^^
Good luck man, and keep us updated! You may even report them to national media like XXX, Imbestigador and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.

mr3mars said...

they claim to have a big company but cannot purchase a business email or a domain? all are just using Yahoo account hahaha...watda...

kanuto said...

Manloloko talaga sila. Dapat kalat natin mga panloloko nila. Pinapatangal nila pic nila kc kta mga mukha nila at d nila mapanindigan na totoo ung produkto nila. Nahihiya silang makita ang panloloko nila. Kalat natin sila bago pa sila makapanbiktima.

Anonymous said...

You can search those emails on FACEBOOK.

Benjamin Cuaresma and wife.

Anonymous said...

as i said you should get enough people to sue this company for consumer fraud. i can call xxx of abs-cbn to further investigate this matter. count me in.

SpeakingMouse said...

I really wonder how serious this email should be considered. The nickname and the signature of the sender is just funny and spoil the effect of bringing some fear to the recipient. The use of capital letter shows the lack of knowledge about the netiquette. And why did they wait that long befire sending that email. This company might have more to hide than too show. They will continue to make their monkey business as long as they can find more potential victims. It's just like the sects who can gather a lot of educated people, but the less educated can be easier victims.
To conclude I would repeat that this email could be not as "official" as it would pretend to be and that if the company and/or people behind the product are really willing to fight, it is probably just to try hide the real truth on their product.

Anonymous said...

Why are they using rocketmail, gmail, and yahoo as their email addresses?

They should be using professional email accounts, specific to their companies.

First line: " done with malice..."
The post is an opinion of an "observer" who actually went through the process. Furthermore, Mr. Poarch used comparative analysis, including physics, to explain...

Next phrase: " very bad taste..."
That's a personal opinion. Many people are writing things "in ver bad taste." That does not make things unlawful. Why not use the word "libel," which has more a legal basis.

Next phrase: "...violated our rights of privacy."
Mr. Poarch was invited. In fact he was even taken to another office. It was a five-hour meeting. That's very long. That must mean that he was way more than welcome there. Otherwise, he would have been escorted out. Come on, five hours? And you call it violation of privacy?

Next: "Posted photos without our knowledge..." I don't believe Mr. Poarch used these photos for commercial purposes.

Next: "Upon receipt of this email."
Shouldn't legal matters be sent via snail mail. Documented. Stamped.

Next: "institute any legal action..."
The word "any" means their not quite sure what legal action it would be...Hmmm...

Next: "...within the courts of the Philippines..."
They should try a court somewhere in Jokeland.

Next: "...with the help of our legal counsels."
Do they mean attorneys? Or just counsels who happen to talk about legals?

Ooops...maybe I'm not making sense anymore. I better stop here.

Anonymous said...

Ang gumagawa ng mali pag na bunyag galit kasi Billions ang mawawala diba???????

crashdude said...

I'm on your back man! If its true what they claim.. so it would not be a problem for them to prove the thing is for real in court right? Hahahhaha... I'm so gonna share your blog in my facebook!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised if their own ghost will bother them, it is only natural to protect their own interest even it is a scam or not but it is really obvious that is a "SCAM". Who will buy a 9,000 peso piece of rock? Only the fooled one! am I right? Looks guys, if a piece of volcanic rock can make an individual a rich person then everyone of us can become one by wearing a piece of rock? Wow! That's very easy! But whom did they make rich? Of course, the person who conceptualized this SCAM out of their witty strategies to convince the people to buy their product. As a matter of fact, I was offered by someone to buy this product last year for KD60 (Kuwaiti Dinar) which is equivalent to 9,000 pesos. Yes! this piece of rock has reached the Middle East countries to fool the OFWs. But mind you guys, I didn't buy it. This kind of thing has never been my thing.

To David: Just carry on blogging, you are doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Kung gusto nila ng laban, well then LABAN!!! I suggest filing a lawsuit against them as well regarding their SCAM!!! You would win too Dave, that's why they didn't file charges against you. Power Balance bracelets recently lost all their business and had to give out refunds for their scam. The same would happen to FusionExcel if you ever decided to fight them in the courts.

Anonymous said...

This is so typical of the Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine crowd (or SCAM for short).

If you can't back it up with strong evidence, SUE.

This is exactly what the British Chiropractic Association tried to do to Simon Singh, and now they're experiencing a huge amount of backlash.

Please do let us know what happens next. We'll support you any way we can.

Anonymous said...

david is there any update on these matters?

Jojo said...


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