Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zambales under State of Calamity after Typhoon Juan / Megi

Just a quick message here, as I just asked a favor and am tapping off of a gasoline station's generator-produced electricity at the moment. I have just read that the province of Zambales is now under a state of calamity, with northern Zambales (where I currently live) being the hardest hit by Typhoon Juan (international name: Megi) -- the strongest storm in the world so far this year. Our whole region has no power due to all the damage done by the super typhoon and it may take a couple of weeks before restored.

If you live in a calamity-stricken area, ask your local municipal office for calamity aid (possibly food rations, funds, or low to no interest loans). Also, do not let your guard down as there is the possibility that Typhoon Juan/Megi may return due to two high pressure areas in China preventing it from moving farther away from the Philippines. Moreover, a new storm (Typhoon Katring) is building in the Pacific that may make landfall some time next week.

Keep safe and stock up on food reserves and lighting (candles, flashlight, etc.).

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