Sunday, December 19, 2010

FusionExcel Honcho & Scammer: Benjie Cuaresma

quantum pendant fusionexcel benjie cuaresmaSince the demand letter/e-mail received from FusionExcel's representative Anatolio Gregorio Coching (alias: Taggy Coching) threatening to sue me if I don't remove my blogs on their scam, I haven't heard a peep back from them, while I remained steadfast and stood my ground. However, I have heard from victims of their Quantum Pendant scam.

One e-mail particularly stood out, as it was from an individual who provided details on the shady history of certain honchos high up in the FusionExcel chain of command--particularly, Benjie Cuaresma (in photo wearing Quantum Pendant with mouth open) and his mother. The victim wrote to me:

"I have read your blog about Fusion Excel. I know one of the people involved in this scam. It's a different story but pretty much the same. And the same player. I don't know where to start. But I will keep it simple.

15 years ago, Benjie Cuaresma and his mom Pacita M. Cabacab recruited me to work in the USA as a staff nurse; not only me, but at least about 20 nurses wishing to have a better life in the USA. They said they have a health care services in the USA called PMC Health Care. We each paid them a sum of 5,000 US Dollars to process our papers.

Several months later, the US Embassy in Manila sent us a letter for interview. We thought, maybe this is it. We went for the interview. And after the interview, the US consulate brought me into an office called Anti Fraud Section. They said I'm not the only one who has been conned by this mother and son tandem in crime. They said the PMC Health Care service is non-existent. And there is no job order for them to recruit Filipino nurses from the Philippines.

My visa was denied, and I have been placed on their blacklist; for how long, I don't know. I tried to contact them. As usual they were in hiding. Not until I have read your blog and saw the name Benjie Cuaresma that I was looking for. That's why I'm interested--to warn the people dealing business with Benjie Cuaresma et al."

I was disturbed and appalled by this; thus, I have decided to publish this information on the blog to not only warn people about such con artists, but also to try and network with others who may have fallen victim. I have done internet searches on both Benjie Cuaresma and Pacita M. Cabacab and have discovered that they own residences in Nevada. But I believe Benjie Cuaresma still frequents the Philippines due to his work with FusionExcel in Manila.

If anyone else out there has fallen victim to these con artists or others related, please inform me and contact me ( ). I will try to help you all get in touch with each other, in hopes that you all can file a lawsuit against these criminals.


Allan said...

I do hope they at least have vindication, though it's hard...
I just saw an ad in the Inquirer announcing a fashion show in cooperation with Fusion Excel, so that means they are really well connected...

Anonymous said...

These people make me SICK!

Anonymous said...

I just read that Power Balance (bracelets) has admitted to being a scam... they are now being pressured to provide refunds..... FusionExcel, kayo na ang susunod!!! Thanks to you David.

Anonymous said...

how come nobody's looking for Benjie Cuaresma in Davao if he conned a lot of people? they are freely roaming around the area. they are one of the owners of bluegre cafe.

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