Sunday, December 19, 2010

Turkeys, Frizzle, Turken, Rumpless, Asil, and Fancy Chickens

fancy chickensI have a number of different kinds of chicken that I am currently taking care of. If anyone is interested in buying some of them, please send me an e-mail ( ) with your offer.

The following are available:

- Turkeys. Both males and females, full-grown and adolescent are available.
- Frizzle Chickens (curly plumage). Full-grown males and females are available.
- Turken Chickens (no neck plumage. Also known as Nakedneck, Condor, or Cobra.) Full-grown males and females are available.
- Rumpless Chickens (no tail plumage. Also known as Araucana or Tokong). Males available, and females soon.
- Bantam Chickens (miniature chickens. Also known as Chinese chickens). Males and females available.
- Native and Hybrid Chickens. Native chickens and hybrid Leghorn, Cantonese, Sasu/Pinatubo, and Holland fowl. Males and females available.
- Game Fowl. Texas, Asil/Basilan, and other game fowl. Males and females available. Notice the unique mottled/spotted female fowl in one of the pictures; it is one of my game fowls that I caught in the deep brush.

Some pictures below. Note: not all chickens mentioned are pictured. E-mail me for inquiries.

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