Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anak Araw (Albino) - Albinism in the Philippines

anak araw albino albinism philippinesEach time I traveled to town, I would notice these two girls with very fair skin, pinkish complexion, blond hair, and blue eyes who just stood out from the rest. At first I thought they were Americans who had decided to live here, but it didn't seem like an accurate conjecture considering these two were working merely as tinderas or salesladies and they know how to speak Tagalog. And then I was told they were anak araw or albinos.

I am actually familiar with albinism, or the congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of an enzyme involved in the production of melanin, as I have come across albino carabaos in the past, but this was the first time I had come across Filipino albinos or what they call anak araw (literally translated as sun child).

anak araw albino albinism philippinesI don't think albinos in the Philippines are treated badly, as they might be in other places such as in Africa (where there have been a number of witchcraft- or superstition-related killings). In fact, if I had to guess I would say they would be treated well in the Philippines since Filipinos are so fond of light skin color. However, if I was an albino, I would want to connect with others who were like me. Thus, if there are any albinos out there in the Philippines who want to meet others of the same feather, please feel free to e-mail me [ ] and I will try to connect you all together.


elmerlovesoreo said...

In my 34 years of existence, I only met one albino. He's a guy from Malolos, Bulacan. He also has poor eyesight because I see him wear glasses before. I haven't come across any studies about albinism in the Philippines. I agree, that albinos here are treated okay, no discrimination whatsoever.

jhoe daiz said...

hi i    have sister inlaw she is albino and her 1 sister and 1 brother they are albinos..but her mother and father and 3 sister have a fair  complexion.. why she is scared under the sun? is it true that they are related in mysterious way like gayuma, pangkulam or etc...thanks!

puremaidenxacs said...

hi! where i can find albinos? cause i have a term paper in filipino about albino. i need them to be interviewed 

killian said...

I think being albino is awesome! This is rare kind of a human race!

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