Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gout and Neurofibromatosis in the Philippines

gout gouty arthritis philippinesSometimes you come across things or people in your life that you just cannot ignore or turn away from without doing something to help out. I am not talking about beggars on the street who may very well be able to work and live a normal life if they really wanted to. What I am talking about are the people afflicted by incapacitating diseases or medical conditions.

I was called upon one evening as I was walking home. The voice spoke to me in English as everyone in town refers to me as the tisoy or Fil-Am even though they know I can speak fluent Tagalog; perhaps, he just wanted to impress me or catch my attention. I looked towards where his voice was coming from but it was so dark I couldn't see. I approached his humble abode and finally caught glimpse of a very frail looking man. And I also noticed the swelling bulbs around where his joints should be.

I don't know if he called me to ask for help or not. But there was nothing I could personally provide that wouldn't be only temporary. For some reason, I felt like he was already resigned by the severity of his condition and that he was just so lonely and depressed with this situation that he just needed someone to talk to. That I could give him; I could provide him with some company occasionally.

But, I thought that there must be some other way I could help, and I started by giving him some hope. I told him gouty arthritis or gout (his medical condition) is treatable and can even be preventable by certain lifestyle changes and medication. This seemed to uplift his spirit somewhat, but what good would this advice make if he does not have the finances to purchase the nourishment and medicine his body needs. Thus, I have created this post about him and his condition to see if organizations out there might be able to help him and others like him.

neurofibromatosis philippinesAnother person who I couldn't help but approach and try to help is a lady I would notice occasionally at the market who they sometimes referred to as babaeng ubas. It pained me to see how everyone would cringe and avoid her due to her appearance--her face covered with cyst-like nodules. I visited this lady at her home and she told me that she's had this affliction ever since she was a child and that no one has been able to help her.

She said that she's tried picking, bursting, and even burning the nodules but they would only bleed and return. Despite her situation, I was happy to see that she still had family who stood by her and took care of her, and she herself was not in such depressed spirits as I would have imagined. She could still muster the energy and courage to step out into the world and do the things she needs to do when others might have left society to live in solitude and never to return.

Unfortunately, she suffers from neurofibromatosis, an incurable condition at the moment, though an effective treatment is expected in a few years. If anyone out there can help either of these people, please e-mail me [ ] and I will give you their contact information.


elmerlovesoreo said...

Thanks for the information. What an eye-opener.

Vhincci Subia said...

You're back after 5 weeks I think... Wow! You're so kind... I can see you genuine and selfless, and the charity in you. I hope you can touched the hearts of the well off people. And also a success to your aim in helping them. World of Vhincci

NYMPH said...

Thanks for the posts. We hope some Organizations or Groups can help them in someways. Godspeed!

God is Love said...


hmmm, it's so funny if i could say this but, i think this is not too bad if you try to write a letter from wish ko lang or GMA foundation. every saturday, i am watching this t.v. show, i saw some people's need also some help and they rich this thru this station.

i am just a simply and ordinary person but, i felt what kind of feeling this woman have had today. this is not the end but i believe that every trials their is a hope. may be God use you for this kind of peoples around us:)

keep it up and thank you for sharing this kind of inspired us.

Ta said...

Please Like this page (: Thanks!

kaney 20 said...

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Bee said...

I know someone close who is suffering from the same disease. I thought it was something curable through proper diet. It broke my heart when i started researching about the ailment and learned that there are no cures for this disease thus far. Hope springs eternal. I do hope and pray that a cure will be known soon and be made affordable to all suffering from this malady. :(

Nashia_dear said...

Hi! I have a neurofibromatosis. For now, wala pa ngang cure. I'm 28 years old. Yung tumors nagstart nung early 20's ko. I thought skin tags lang, pero sabi ng derma NF nga. Marami kaseng ichecheck like yung bones, ears, eyes, heart and brain. I felt so depressed when I found out about it. But then, I realized, God gave this for a purpose. I don't have to know it right away, I just have to have faith in Him. Anytime, I can pass away or baka lumala ang tumors ko, but I don't lose hope. He is my provider and healer. I'll be praying too for these people and may they find hope in God alone. Thanks for your post! :)

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