Wednesday, August 17, 2011


baluarteSimon is roaming the northern provinces. Here's his trip to Baluarte in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.



All of my family, relatives and closest friends are all set for a tour around Baguio. Before heading to Baguio, we dropped by Baluarte. Baluarte is a well-fortified place of Chavit Singson, this is located in the heart of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, and is one of the top tourist destinations in the province. The Baluarte is approximately 20 hectares with a mini zoo, shooting range, and a chapel, among others. Access to the mini zoo, where Chavit’s numerous pets can be found is free for everyone.

This mini zoo that is well maintained by the zoo keepers, you can see different animals like tigers, parrots, ducks, sheep, ostriches, python, and these small horses called pony. The main attraction there are these parrots who know 3 different languages such English, Tagalog and Ilokano. When this parrot greeted us, he says, “Hello, good morning! Kumusta kayo?” and my sister answered back “Hi, ok lang kami”. And when he (parrot) hears us conversing in Ilokano, he shouted to us “Ilokano kay met gayam,” or in English, “you know how to speak Ilokano”. From a distance, we all laugh because of the gesture of the parrot to us.

While there my mind flashed back -- David and I dream of having hectares of land tending animals like this of Baluarte. Maybe not quite as exotic, but more along the lines of free-ranging native chickens, cows, carabao, and goats that are given natural foods instead of feeds, providing fresh milk and eggs to visitors. Planting fruit bearing trees and planting all natural vegetables. We also wanted to put up this comfort house or healing haven for the sick and elderly who want to recuperate or stay in a clean and fresh air surroundings. All the foods that being served are natural, that is pesticides and insecticides free. In fact, David always mentions that he would take it a step further and make it a heritage site, with old style homes and people who live on site wearing traditional clothing and living like the old traditional Filipino ways, so that any visitors who came would feel like they are living in a different time period.

This is the simple endeavors we have, instead of going with the modern technology that is the cause of a lot of illness coming out because of foods that is unnatural, we want to go and bring back the past that is all natural and no preservatives. We hoped that we have this land so that we can now start to construct and till the land. We want everyone to know that we can still have a life same as our ancestors 100 years ago.


ardee sean said...

thanks for visiting my hometown.. nakakatuwa naman talaga yung parrot.. :P

elmerlovesoreo said...

It seems like a nice place. I wish I could visit Baluarte as well. I loved our short vacation in Vigan before.

Anonymous said...

I like tiger....-Ray

Anonymous said...

Simon, I like David's idea of making a heritage site where you feel as if you've traveled back in time. I would definitely visit if you ever get that going!

NETworker said...

hello Heidi,

Oo, he likes pastoral settings and lifestyles, right now, we are working on things that will bring us up there. A BUSINESS! Stay tuned to learn more.

Anonymous said...


I noticed, ano yon puno sa tuktok ng building? Building ba yon ginto ang kulay? Na corious lang ako.

Anonymous said...


Bahay ni Chavit Singson. Malawak at malaki ang bahay nya.


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