Saturday, September 03, 2011

Baguio City

baguio citySimon and his relatives visit Baguio City! As you can tell, Simon does quite a bit of traveling these days. He's currently pretty much free to do whatever he likes. Given the liberty, we figured he may be able to put it to productive use. Thus, we came up with Manila Gofer, which is kind of an extension of the Book Me service I was offering before. I invite readers to check it out. Perhaps someone might find it useful.

Simon's Baguio post below:


Family Visit to Baguio

Our trip from Ilocos Norte all the way to Baguio, we arrived at the place at 11pm. The house that we should to stay for the rest of the night is not passable because the road is under construction that is why we decided to stay at the back of Burnham Park parking area and sleep inside the bus. It was great experience because my first time to do it with the cool weather and you can use the clean and presentable comfort room anytime around Burnham Park, of course with a pay.

baguio cityIn the morning, we ready ourselves for a joy ride and visit to the known places around Baguio. First stop is Botanical Garden, we see this Igorots, and we take pictures with them then they asked money after the takes. Inside the garden you see different plants. The place is nothing new to me, it is just normal garden with no reason to entice me to go back. Next stop is The Mansion, you just see plain white building with trees around and right in front is the Wright Park with the horse riders around, we just take pictures and move out to another site.

baguio cityMines View Park is our next stop, here you can buy souvenirs and anything that you want buy made of Baguio. The viewing deck is just a small deck that kids should be accompanied by an older even me afraid of going nearer to the barricade because in between pole is 2-meters wide, almost 90 degree slope from the top of the deck going to the ground, and 200 feet deep. It is not safe to get there anyway. After buying stuff and picture taking, we went directly to Philippine Military Academy to watch their Silent Drill but unfortunately, the road going there is under constructions.

Nothing to do so we get back to where we parked, they cooked our lunch and we eat our foods under the trees just in front of Cordillera University. After our lunch, we decided to go either group or alone wherever we want to go, and I decided to go alone to take some pictures of all the flowers I can see on the street of Baguio.

baguio cityPersonally, I love the cold weather of Baguio, fresh air, clean surroundings, and honesty of the people around but I still appreciate and in awe of the adventures we have with David. Those adventures we have made stand out, those simple mountain climbings, swimming in a white sands beaches, and waterfalls. We love to discover natural sceneries that is less visited and natural structure and beauty are still there.


elmerlovesoreo said...

Nice shots of Baguio City. How I wish I could return to this wonderful city soon.

Simon Almazan said...

I love Baguio, Sagada and Banawe.. Pero pinaka gusto ko balikan ay Sagada. Marami pa ako di pa na discover sa lugar. Gusto ko kumain ng Sagada orange and yogurt na sobra sarap, yon yogurt nila sobrang healthy. Gusto ko din mamasyal sa Mindanao kasi never pa ako nakarating ng mindanao provinces hanggang Visayas lang ako. Sana soon ay magawa ko ito maggala ulit.

el toro bumingo said...

I haven't been to Sagada. I hope to visit it ASAP. Do you have your own blog Simon?

Foto Clipping said...

wow! Seems a nice place to visit!


bernard said...

I want to visit sagada too.. sana makarating ako dun next time :)

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