Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Tasaday and Manuel Elizalde

tasadayI had not heard of the Tasaday people until a couple of months ago, which is surprising given they are actually an indigenous tribe of the Philippines (in Mindanao) and given their interesting story. Basically, they were an isolated "stone age" tribe "discovered" in the early 1970s but later their existence was deemed to be a hoax, which I disagree with.

I believe the Tasaday people were truly an authentic and isolated tribe. It is just unfortunate that various parties -- especially shady individuals like Manuel Elizalde -- had to exploit the opportunity presented with the discovery of these people. The skeptics make some logical arguments, but I think it's the study of their unique language/dialect that confirms the validity of the story (especially the in-depth study conducted by the linguistics expert Dr. Lawrence A. Reid).

You can learn more about the Tasaday and Manuel Elizalde from the following links:


Thomas Headland

The New York Times (note: 2 pages)


Time Magazine

Friends of the Tasaday (note: I would not donate to this organization as there is no assurance that your donations would go to the actual Tasaday people; they may instead go to Elizalde's cronies)

Lawrence Reid

Youtube (videos / documentaries; the GMA7 documentary of the Tasadays 30 years after is interesting)


Mon said...

There are pretty cool videos of the Tasaday people in Youtube. I thought you might wanna know. 

Coconuter said...

Yeah, the GMA7 video documentary of the Tasaday 30 years after was interesting.

Mariaruiz2006 said...

David I always enjoyed reading your story about Philippines. You're so talented of what you do. I was always curious if you're half asian. Take extra care :)

Coconuter said...

Thanks!  I am glad you enjoy reading the blog.  By the way, I am Filipino-American.

Ray said...

They eat  frogs and bugs, well sushi and caviar is just as nasty.......LOL--Ray

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