Saturday, June 30, 2012


coconuter blackberryIt’s Summer time again.
My shadow tells me so.
Another season; another cycle.

To work I go.
I take a familiar path through the woods.
It is a path I know so well, that I could tread it blindfolded.

Young and strong, I dream of spreading my wings and flying to far off lands.

But instead, in this forest I am caged.
Attachments I must carry and cannot let go.

coconuter blackberrySometimes I wonder why I feel this way;
why I yearn to run away and satiate these desires --
desires that feel instinctive, yet are forbidden by civilization.

Like blackberries, while beautifully red and young, on the vine we are held.
Only until black and rotting are we released --
when it is already too late.

On that vine, I am.
I could escape.
coconuter blackberryBut to do so
would be deemed by society as a fall from grace.

But why should I care what society thinks?
I think I should not.

It is my life after all,
and it is only one life I have to live.

Regardless of the thorns I might create,
is it not worth it?
For the sake of living my life to the fullest and with no regrets?

coconuter blackberryBut to inflict pain on my own patch
would make me just as unhappy
as to sacrifice my own dreams.

But if truly loved,
could I be understood?

This ambivalence pains me, deeply.
But I know what is expected of me.

So, this caged dove will weep.
As dreams of flight,
will remain only as dreams.

For to hurt another, I cannot.


el toro bumingo said...

I somehow can relate to your feelings David. When you wanted to do is explore the world but you can't since there is a norm that you somehow needs to follow or an obligation that you need to attend to first.

shiela said...

Don't let go, David. There's a time for everything. Your road will take you there...

Nonette said...

To be or not to be, that is the question. I empathize with you David, just like you I remained a searcher for the meanings in life. I think i have a little of everything that makes me comfortable, but there are things I wanted to achieve that I just cannot achieve at this moment. It is better to grab the opportunity and make the most out of it. I am writing a book, The Spectrum of Love in the meantime that my search for that meaning remains in the far pavilion of my dreams.

miyako said...

I hope one day, David, you can free yourself from whatever plight you have. The saddest end of a man is when he regrets for not doing what he should have done.

Peter said...

Don't give up David, just one more shot and surely you will be right there on top. I believe in you and I know you can do it. Just enjoy every second in your life inspite the norm of life style in the US.

erl said...

You witte so well.

Eljen Palomar said...

wOw aNg galing naman ng adventures"

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