Monday, February 25, 2013

Sun and Rain

ynares centerThe last few days have been volatile. Sun and rain have alternated, almost in tune with the battle between turmoil and peace in my life. I've realized that as one gets older, he becomes fragmented into more and more pieces. It makes one wonder if identity is known to only specific entities that know the entire story, only to oneself, a combination of all our parts/roles combined, or if it even exists at all. There are certain things one wants to do in their life, especially considering that some things are only relevant in certain stages of our life and that we only live once (there is no second chance once the stage is passed). Yet the more threads that have been spun, the more difficult it becomes to keep the web together, particularly when the threads aren't all leading in one direction.

I am now aware of the whereabouts of the wet markets and most of the major stores in the area. Interestingly, the store that I did visit on this particular day no longer uses plastic to bag groceries. This is new to me, but it is a welcome change and hopefully is being enforced in all major stores throughout the Philippines. The products I purchased were packed inside a box, which I carried home. I am still strong, so the load and attachments I carry so far remain manageable.

Weakness can be a major disadvantage in the Philippines, unlike in more developed countries where the weak can seek assistance and an equal playing field. Poverty, pollution, and the elements elicit a constant barrage of degradation. Though in a morphed way, survival of the fittest is still in play. Life is relatively easier for the healthy, strong, smart, adaptable, resilient, lucky, etc.

I was again reminded about this when I came across three chicks roaming along the side of a canal, rummaging through garbage. Unfortunately, these chicks were born into the world as toys painted for children. Most usually die within a few days given their assigned purpose. The kids who owned these likely got bored of them. I took the chicks up and brought them home to feed them for the time-being. I'll look for someone soon who has a little space and grass for them to stay.


Dermin Vicente said...

i understand your outlook in life..we must be strong in a lot of aspects to survive almost anything

charlize said...

You are a being of Freewill,
In the form and function

Of your Creator

You are known

as a genetic replication
of the

Father of all creation
altho you don't seem to know

that this is true

Until You choose to know

that you do.

Certainly, creation is

your natural function

altho you don't seem to know

that this is true

Until You choose to know

that you do.

You are inherent with this Freedom
on and before the day you were born

And in respect, the universe prefer

your choice in any matter.

You are granted therefore,

no less and no more

than what you ask for.

Hail! to the Great Integer!!

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