Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Wind and the Fire

sprintI must admit, I didn't think I could do it again -- return with the same vigor and bold outlook -- as I have done before. The past few years have eroded me, where old ailments returned and to the point that my passion had gradually been traded for complacency. Stagnation and listlessness was taking its toll and I could feel my self slipping away. Fortunately, recent inspiration had lifted me high enough in the past few weeks to embark on a reconstruction, which I have been painstakingly committed to and am slowly but gradually accomplishing.

It was at the very start of the new year when a fortuitous turn of events would bring a powerful spark of hope -- most notably a siren reawakened me and summoned the dormant spirit. What seemed to be merely coal, had been reignited. Enchanting winds blew new life into the embers. As if a starvation had been broken, the hungry fire suddenly ran ablaze beaming glimpses of yore, reinvigorated by the long-sought oxygen. This chance encounter was momentous.

The need has become so intense, the pairing so natural, to let go would be to kill a wondrous existence. Still, care is also warranted, as a gluttonous feeding would spoil its charm and burn those around. Indeed, an inferno would incinerate not only the surroundings, but would exhaust the wind and consume the fire itself. Yet a harmonic union and a mutual concession of warmth and cool, would be to give rise to a rare phenomenon where a beautiful synergy is born, that only a caress of truly affectionate elements could produce.


disqus_wfIkTEIS1f said...

You've definitely still got it... looking forward to your return

mark said...

welcome back david!

Joel Maglantay said...

As I read it, I too was ignited with the energy and optimism you shared. Keep it up!

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