Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sun and Seasons, Moon and Eclipses

Sun and Seasons, Moon and Eclipses
2002. Acrylic paint on canvas. By David Eric Poarch.


Willy Acuna said...


You are a talented and gifted guy!

Kuya Willy

oxygen said...

Wow Dave! So you could write, capture photos, draw, and paint. What in the world could you not do? :)

If I could make just ONE like this, I'll be grateful. Unfortunately I'm not good esp. with acrylic.

Do more of this and this might just be another revenue source for you. Should you have sufficient resources in the future, open a stall in a crowded tourist spot. Or maybe, if you plan to bring back the Coconuter shirt, have these printed on linen shirts for your S/S collection ala Island Souvenirs or Obra ni Juan.

Hats off!



marlon said...

Hi David,

Is this painting for sale? If yes, how much? Thank you.

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