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1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest
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Sunday, June 30, 2019


Sunday, June 30, 2019

I have not been feeling well lately.  My eating has not been substantial for the past few days, and sleep has not been restful.  I have a pounding headache, and my back is killing me.  Makes me feel like an old man at times.  But at the end of the day, rain or shine (or super typhoons), I've got to do my very best to remain level-headed and try to keep up with work, even when feeling down.

I'm staring at my computer screen now, actually, intending to catch up on work that has been piling up, but I just feel totally depleted... so here I am in my fantasy world writing what comes to mind instead.  I shouldn't, as I have so many things I have to attend to and work is very important, but with so many things occupying and storming through my mind, I feel overwhelmed and also resigned due to my exhausted state.

In these pictures taken by Simon, I am temporarily transported to a day of walking under the warmth of the sun, where we happened to chance upon perhaps one of the only forested areas this close to Manila.  Solitude among nature and simplistic surroundings provided us a sanctuary and a brief moment of peace.

To me, this is part of what constitutes the true Philippines.  The urbanization, the tourist hot spots, the modern enclaves, the opulence of the elite... those are all artificial and not what the Philippines is truly.  It's interesting and a bit disappointing how many Filipinos deliberately distance themselves from or dislike--or simply have not experienced or are unaware of--the old traditions of the Philippines and the more authentic settings.

The environment is rapidly changing.  Subic City and the surrounding towns, for example, are growing farther and farther away from the quaint villages that they used to be.  And crime just seems to get worse and worse.  It's the same way in other parts of the Philippines.  Perhaps it's inevitable, but it's sad.

Maybe the loss of tradition, the neglect of instilling good behavior and principles, and the exposure to unrestricted media is causing a pollution of morals and leading to the growth of a population that is more self-centered and self-serving.  We are no longer looking out for one another or interested in helping.  It seems to just be all about serving one's own interests, even if that means stepping on others in the process.

It's rampant everywhere, in all levels.  It's neighbors monitoring your home and stealing from you when you're away.  It's your relative who can't stop smoking or doing drugs, for the good of his family.  It's the corruption that allows companies to continue to manufacture poisons (e.g. MSG/monosodium glutamate, plastics, non-biodegradable compounds, cigarettes, etc.).  It's the cronyism, cheating, and lies in government (which, by the way, the release of Bong Revilla and subsequent placement back into the senate is just unbelievable).  So many examples...

Anyway, this post is dragging, so I'll end it with saying that I'm not perfect either, but I've found that no matter how cruel the world may be, trying to have more patience, have more compassion, and trying to do more good whenever possible leads to a more peaceful, more harmonious, and more positive outcome.

If you reciprocate negativity, it only extends the chain/cycle of destruction.  I hope you can take to heart, that as a wise man may have said, negativity is a wound that a kind gesture can reach and only compassion can heal.


gino33 said...

You look great here, David. Is this in Arroceros Park in Manila?

Coconuter said...

Thank you! No, this is actually in Angono Forest Park, but thank you for mentioning Arroceros Park. I have never heard of it, and it looks like a nice place to visit in the future! Also, thanks for actually visiting the blog to read the post in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you again. Hope this means you'll start being active again. Hope to meet you one day. Take care and good luck on your travels and explorations.

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