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1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

This trip was very spur of the moment.  I tended to be very spontaneous back then, and it usually did not pay off well for me, especially regarding decisions that steered my life's direction.

But for trips that came out of the blue, there was at least one good outcome in that it provided content for the blog.

I have since mellowed over the years, but still give in to some things I feel impassioned about.

And I never did re-visit Baguio.  Maybe again, one day.

Original post below:

Thursday, June 1, 2006

I took a trip to Baguio a few days ago. The money I had was spent for the most part on the bus fare, so I could only stay in Baguio for half a day and was not able to do much but walk to nearby places in the downtown area.

I was hoping to see the Banaue rice terraces or the strawberry farms but found out that those are in La Trinidad, which is farther away. I wasn't even able to see and take pictures of the spectacular views during the bus ride in the mountains of Baguio because of the thick fog that day.

I got to Baguio by passing through the cities of Dau and San Fernando. I woke up when the bus was passing through San Fernando and almost thought I was dreaming because the highways and residences made me feel as if I was in the US again. In fact, what surprised me is that the highways looked cleaner and more modern, and the homes looked better than many of the suburban "American Dream" homes in the US.

Other than an initial feeling of surprise, I was also a bit sad to see this, since I felt as if the Philippines is slowly losing the very things that make it unique. I guess it's kind of like a child that you don't want to grow up.

In Baguio, all I was really able to do was trek through downtown and nearby parks. I'm sure I wasn't able to experience the true essence of what makes Baguio unique, so I plan on revisiting it again in the future and hopefully with more funds to do it with. While in Baguio, I was able to visit an SM Mall for the first time. I enjoyed walking through the parks and just staring at the residences spanning the mountainside, but I wish I was able to stay longer and hike through the mountains. Maybe next time.


kat said...

I spent my college years in Baguio and though I visited it last year, I still miss it terribly. The mall is pretty and does have a great view of the town, but to me, it's an eyesore when you view the mall from afar. :p Thanks for posting the pictures. I want to go back!

I recommend going to Zambales next. :) Then again, I'm biased, since my dad is from there.

Earning money? Have you tried to write for a local travel magazine about your experiences? It would be interesting, especially from your point of view. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hoe bout getting modelling stints? you look good naman e.

Unknown said...

I have to tell you, this is quite an inspirational story. You left the comforts of the US and into a 3rd world country to find some meaning in your life and hopefully that big break you want.

* You know there's been a lot of posters telling you to be a model. I for one think that's a real big possibility for you. Your handsome, well-built, smart, charasmatic and bold(especially from what I saw in you video, that was awesome)and I believe you are also fluent in Tagalog which is a great thing. If you can find an acting or modeling gig when your in the cities they will probably give you a chance. Hey those girls don't want to take a picture with you for nothing man.

But if your not into that kinda gig, I'm sure you will be sucessful in whatever you do. You are a person who takes chances that many would never ever do and I applaud you for that. I wish more Filipinos particarly Filipino Americans can learn more about your story.

Well good luck finding your hanap-buhay and best wishes to you man .

Mark said...

Nice adventures!!

Gil said...

if you wanna earn well and rub elbows with Manila's rich and famous, takin a shot at modelling and tweetum-acting is no-brainer! believe me, pinoys are suckers for anyone who looks "kano" and anyone who speaks with a peculiar accent they call "slang"...
... by the way, reading about your Baguio trip made me miss the Pines city even more.. I miss it big time!.. it's where I spent my college days in.. Baguio nowadays, is a far cry from how beautiful it was in the good old days but it still remains my fave city in the Phils. The simple pleasures of walking along session road at night, havin coffee at Starbucks John Hay or Cafe' by the Ruins, havin dinner at Don Henrico's, smelling the Pine trees... ahh.. Baguio beckons!..

dindo marcelo said...

BAGUIO... i didnt enjoy it that much when i went there last year,pagdating namin dun nag-stay lng kami for a couple of hours then uwi n agad,nakakabitin.

when i was a kid, pangarap kong tumira dun because of the weather and the sceneries,well i guess hanggang pangarap na lang yun.

JEROME said...

I'm living here in Baguio right now and I agree with your blog about this beautiful city of pines. I just want to commend you for being such a smart, humble and strong Filipino. I know that you can change the world the way you want it, one step at a time. Continue your inspiring endeavors and I hope to see more of your blogs in the future. You are one of a kind. Just look around you, all they desire is money, success and power. You're already there, you have everything you need to succeed, but you have chosen a lowly life here in our country; well, that deserves our praise and appreciations, man. I have watched your story on TV, and I am humbled by it. I pray that whatever you are here for (in the Philippines) will all be granted. God Bless You and your family! Two thumbs up! You're truly a Filipino.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that we might slowly lose the Bahay Kubo. But it might probably make a comeback since there's more awareness about everything natural. And the Bahay Kubo is the best model for all things natural.

Anonymous said...

you have relly nice blogs.
i mean, i guess, i can say that in a way, they're really inspirational.
i watched the show "Nagmamahal Kapamilya" && there, i saw and heard about you.
&& when i heard about your site, i wrote it down and decided to visit it, so i did!
when i went here....
i was like `WOW!
doode, this is a cool site.
i wish you thee best.
you've shown the real you and i admire you for that.
good luck!

jean karen said...

hi david ganda mga pix mo(baguio)bute kapa nakapunta kana jan ako hindi pa haha pero prang nakita ko narin dahil sa mga pix mo.ang guapo mo talaga sexy pa cguro mas guapo ka pa sa personal kahit may asawa kna may makakagusto parin syo haha (joke)pinagyayabang kita sa mga kapatid ko at prens ko.god bless you take care

plarlene said...

hi ! ihave just watched you in Nagmamahal Kapamilya...oooppps wait..because you want to be a certified filipino...well i woud not write my comment using the English language....BAKA AYAW NIYO POH EH...

ang cute nyo po, yun nga lang "taken" na kayo...hahahaha! just kidding...

ang ganda rin ng blog ninyo , huh! kasi new user lang ako eh...

Anyway, I admire your courage na harapin ang mga hardships bilang isang Filipino at take note, as ?filipino probinsiyano pa huh?1( whew!! hirap noon , grabe!, may pagka_city-girl kasi ako eh...)

Thanks and Good luck for your Filipino Journey!! God Bless!

Dai said...


Like everyone else, I saw you on "Nagmamahal kapamilya" and found you admirable. I know that you don't feel as though you've sacrificed anything, you just went in pursuit of your happiness and did it the hard way, which took a lot of guts.

Just to let you know, Banaue rice Teresses is not in Baguio, It's in Ifugao, in the Kalinga Apayao region, which is 8 to 9 hours ride from manila. You got it right with the starwberry fields, it's in La trinidad.

Good luck on your soujourn. Hope you find what your looking for mate!

Anonymous said...

you want to become a model? or actor ? you have the looks ayou can

but the liability is - you have a wife and kid. you should have not mentioned it..

but i know you're a good father and a husband - they re more than whatever richess you may gain

leah said...

i really admire what you do ever since i got really intrigued by your story, it takes a lot of courage to venture out into the unknown..i hope you find what your truly looking for in life. i guess it's just right under your nose after all..hehe. god bless!

BIG Brother said...

Your blog is very interesting and love all the stories and pictures. Let me make a few comments. First, the job offers to become a model or artista etc.I wouldn't entertain those offer unless your very desperate. use your education. they will just use you especially yung mga bading. any favor they give they expect something in return. tulad ng sabi mo "UTANG NA LOOB". very common yan sa pinas. secondly, regarding sa article na probinsyana. when your relationship starts in a shaky ground do you think that you will have a SOLID Foundation?? am sure that you are trying to save that relationship as much as you can. Having a relationship with physical and verbally abusing each other will NOT last for a long time. But if you want to accomplish something in your LIFE, do it one step at a time. I am pretty sure that you have a good intention what your trying to accomplish and change the filipino mentality. I myself would like to accomplish those things but a don't have that courage like yours when i was at your age. thirdly, not all probinsyanas are probinsyanas. I could tell that you grew up in a solid family oriented fipilino-american family. if her family (lisa) as you say, would not show any love as you noticed to her upbringing. could she change, the answer is yes and no. only if you who can influence and mold her to a positive environment which you are trying to do. you know living here in the US is not that easy as people in pinas think. we have to work HARD. yes, we have this and we have that (materially). bringing lisa here, she need to make adjustments, adopt the environment and the culture.(she's going to have a culture shock. well, that all i can say for now.

Angus said...

the most beautiful places in baguio are tam-awan village and oh my gulay (a restaurant along session road). i hope you were able to drop by those two places. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures...Well, its so sad to see the beauty of Baguio City is deteriorating. Sobrang congested na ang paligid. The first time I went there ay ang ganda pa n'ya. Marami pang pine trees at ang paligid super linis hindi gaya ngayon malinis pero eyesore na ang maraming bahay na nagsulputan, tao, at iba pa. Sana ma-save nila ang dahan-dahan na nawalang ganda nito...Nakakamiss yun dati. Last year I was there during the Panagbenga Festival. I consider Baguio City is my second home. Madalas kami ng family ko d'yan. Sa Feb nandyan na naman ako for the next Panagbenga Fest...try mo bumalik para mapanood mo ang flower festival. Usually last weekend ng feb ang celebration ng street dancing at float parade...

keep on exploring the beauty of the Philippines...Third World man kung ituring pero mayaman ang Philippines sa magaganda places at natural resources na walang ang mayayamang bansa.

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