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1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest
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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Saturday, February 24, 2018

The greenery and simple bamboo homes and fences you see in the pictures are no more.  The last time I visited the area, it was already quite developed, and is now a small subdivision.  Have the people in that area changed for the better?  Doesn't seem like it, based on the things that happened during my last trip there.

I mentioned pollution, particularly vehicle emission/exhaust, in this post.  As expected, that hasn't changed for the better either.  In fact, not surprisingly, it's much worse now.  President Duterte said he would get rid of all the old jeepneys to help alleviate this situation (pollution), as well as the traffic.  However, I haven't noticed a reduction yet in either.

And I just have to re-mention that photograph with the yellow paint on the wall, as it's a unique one.  So, wings or oncoming headlights?  If you knew how the next two years after this time would play out, you probably wouldn't be too sure.

Original post below:

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

My sickness is gone. I'm out and about now. I just came from the market and bought some fruit and fish. I was going to stick around the marketplace to search for guavas, but it was just too hot. I think I am begged for money every time I pass about four or five market stands. I thought to myself that the money I brought with me this morning would already be finished had I given every beggar some money. It is sad to see that there are many Filipinos who are enduring such hardships because the government cannot provide enough jobs. Going to the market is a daily chore for many people here in the provinces. Food cannot be stored long-term without spoiling for Filipinos who cannot afford refrigerators. I'm looking out the window right now, and I'm glad to be inside the internet cafe. Not just because of the heat, but because of the air in the market, especially along the main road. The fumes are nauseating. Whoever's for low or zero-emission alternative fuel research, I'm with you! Last night I felt the house shake from an earthquake, which I heard from other people struck at Quezon City. I haven't felt one of those since Mt. Pinatubo erupted. On to the pictures. This morning I helped gather some buho or bamboo. They use it to build huts and fences. Along the way to the market, I stopped by a shady area where I often see people rest. No one was there so I took some shots. The last picture is pretty neat. There were some small children around when I took the picture. After taking the picture, I showed it to the children on the camera display. One said it looks like headlights of a vehicle coming from behind me. Another said it looks like wings.


Richard said...

Hey Debid!

you made it here! I was just checking back. Enjoy the ride, buddy!

bert said...

Glad you got rid of the bugs from your system. Can you take a pic of the internet cafe you go to and post it? Thanks.

Chas Ravndal said...

nice photos you got and i somewhat miss those sceneries. okay i am clicking the ads

Anonymous said...

drink plenty of liquids....water, water, water... to adjust your body to the climate....and also calamnsi juice can help...

Diowel said...

hey, i saw you at sm north edsa. haha.

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