Odyssey | noun | od•ys•sey | \ ˈä-də-sē \
1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why the nickname "Coconuter"? And what is the "Golden Coconut"?
I came up with the name "Coconuter" because I predicted people would find my past decisions a bit odd or unbelievable--and many people did think (and some still do) that I have gone a little crazy or "coconuts." The other meaning I intended for "Coconuter" is one who is in search for the "Golden Coconut."

And the "Golden Coconut" is an allegorical representation or symbol of the things I am seeking for in life--such as freedom, purpose, meaning, identity, success, contentment, happiness, fulfillment, etc. In essence, one could say that the "Golden Coconut" is the answer to everything. However, though I no longer expect it to come falling from the sky in one big hit (in other words, a miracle or feeling lucky), I do expect (or at least hope) that I will gradually get closer and closer to attaining all of these goals.

Do you know how to speak Tagalog?
Opo!  Mas mahilig nga ako mag-Tagalog :)  Minsan kasi, may mga bagay na mas madali sabihin o mas saktong iparating kesa sa ibang lenguahe.

I heard that your blog has been featured in media?
Yes; the Coconuter blog has been featured on ABS-CBN's Nagmamahal Kapamilya, Studio 23, QTV-11, Google Blog of Note, the Inquirer, Philippine Star, Illustrado Magazine, and Rappler -- to name a few.

Does this blog have a complete archive of all past posts?
No, it does not.  There's a significant chunk of posts missing from the end of 2007 to 2009, which I haven't gotten around to re-posting.  Some of my long-time followers/readers may remember those.  I may re-post them some time or may just write a book including them one day.  Or, if I ever get to go full-time "Coconuter" again, then I would gladly work on this.

Who takes your pictures?
If I am not in the picture, then it is likely that I took the picture myself. But, if I am in the picture, then there are some possibilities: 1) I took the shot (you can usually see my arm). 2) I took the shot but used the camera timer. 3) Or, someone else took the shot (whoever is traveling with me at the time).

I gather you are looking for work in the Philippines; what type of job are you looking for?
Yes, I am looking for employment and/or business opportunities in the Philippines. However, flexibility is important, so I prefer freelance, entrepreneurial, or project-by-project based type work. But this does not mean that I outright disregard full-time, corporate work. I guess it would have to depend on how lucrative the offer is.  I can also do odd jobs (see the Book Me page).

Did you ever finish getting your degree?
Yes, I did.  See my resume on LinkedIn.

Would you consider entering show business?
Yes, it is a possibility.

Have you ever thought of writing a book about your story/life?
Yes, if someone or some organization wants to fund/sponsor it.

Your story would make a good film. Have you ever considered this?
Yes, there has been mention of doing a film in the past. One Filipino director did want to do an independent (indie) film based on my story, but there was no mention of royalty fees so I declined.

My question wasn't answered...
If your question wasn't answered, then consider writing me via the Facebook fan page.


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